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AS/NZS 2208:1996 Australia Standard Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings

Specifies the functional properties of various safety glazing materials, including toughened glass, laminated glass, wired glass, organic-coated glass and plastic. Two grades are covered, with different impact performance levels. Other requirements include size tolerances, weathering and ageing performance. Test methods are given in some appendices, while others deal with sampling, acceptance procedures and notes on safe performance criteria and human dynamics data.

This Standard sets out test requirements for classification of safety glazing materials for use in buildings. The test requirements for the different glazing materials are designed to promote safety and to reduce or minimize the likelihood of cutting and piercing injuries from human impact.NOTES:1 Alternative methods for determining compliance with this Standard are given in Appendix A.2 This Standard is not intended to restrict the use of materials or methods of test not specified herein where such materials or methods of test can be demonstrated to be the equal of, or superior to, those specified.3 Notes on safe performance criteria and human dynamics data are given in Appendix B.4 This Standard identifies safety glazing marking requirements.This Standard applies to all safety glazing materials for use as required by AS 1288.