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glass greenhouse senhong glass china manufacturer

Glass Greenhouse

Senhong glass offers glass for greenhouse in Shandong, China.

Glass greenhouse refers to a greenhouse that uses glass as a lighting material. It is a kind of greenhouse. In cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse is a kind of greenhouse with a long service life, which is suitable for use in various regions and various climatic conditions.

Types of glass greenhouse

Vegetable glass greenhouse

Flower glass greenhouse

Seedling glass greenhouse

Ecological glass greenhouse

Scientific research glass greenhouse

Three-dimensional glass greenhouse

Special-shaped glass greenhouse

Leisure glass greenhouse

Smart glass greenhouse

A glass greenhouse is a greenhouse covered with glass as the main light-transmitting material. It has high light transmittance and is very suitable for planting high-light plants. There are two types of glass greenhouses, single-layer glass greenhouses and double-layer glass greenhouses.

glass greenhouse senhong glass china manufacturer

Glass greenhouses are generally used The material is 4mm and 5mm flat tempered glass. 4mm thick glass is commonly used in Europe and the United States, and 5mm is used in areas with hail.

Features of glass greenhouse

① Large lighting area, uniform light
② Long service time and high intensity
③ It has strong anti-corrosion and flame retardancy
④ More than 90% light transmittance, and does not decay with time

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