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Glass Skylight

Senhong glass offers glass for skylights in Shandong, China.

Glass skylight is composed of light-transmitting panels and supporting systems. It does not share the effects of the main structure and the building envelope with an angle of less than 75°to the horizontal. The glass skylight has the functions of transparency and light transmission.

Types of glass skylight

Open skylight
Fixed unit skylight
Operable skylight
Retractable skylight

glass skylights senhong glass china manufacturer

Considering the safety and energy-saving requirements of glass skylight, the glass for glass skylight should be heat soaked tempered glass or ultra white (low iron) tempered glass, to reduce the self-explosion rate of the glass and improve the safety of the glass skylight.

When the distance between the ground and the highest point of glass skylight is more than 3 meters, laminated glass or laminated insulating glass should be used, and the laminated layer should be located on the lower side. Meanwhile, safety construction measures should be taken on the underside of the glass skylight with dense traffic: such as metal grids or stainless steel wire mesh, to prevent the falling of glass when it is broken.

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