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Glass Staircases

Senhong glass offers glass staircases in Shandong, China.

The staircase is made of glass entirely or partially. The glass staircase is designed to accentuate the translucent quality of the glass material, no matter what material it is paired with.


  • Safety: The thickness and layers of glass material meet or exceed the specified specifications if the formal design scheme is fully adhered to. Glass stairs are absolutely safe and their safety and anti-slip properties are even better than other materials.
  • Permeability: Giving a unique feeling of distinction from other materials, this visual sense of psychological safety brought about should not be considered as a physical safety property of glass, as this is one of the visual effect attributes that make glass stairs distinctive.
glass staircases stairs senhong glass china manufacturer

Types of glass staircases

  1. All-glass staircase: the load-bearing parts of the staircase such as treads, pillars and structural beams and handrail fences are all made of glass, with only a few metal fixings or no fixings installed.
  • Partial glass staircase – it can be specifically divided into: steel structure glass staircase (structural pillar or beam using see metal structure + glass tread surface + glass handrail fence). Wooden structure glass stairs (structural pillars or beams are used see wooden structure + glass tread surface + wooden handrail fence). Glass staircases of other construction (structural struts or beams in any other non-glass material such as aluminium or concrete construction + glass tread surface + wooden handrail surround). Glass staircase elements (only one of the handrail or tread surface sections is made of glass).
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