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21.52mm Curved Tempered Laminated Glass Good Quality

China Curved Tempered Laminated Glass, Curved Heat-strengthened Laminated Glass, China Bent Tempered Laminated Glass, Bent Toughened Laminated Glass, Curved Tempered Silk-screened Laminated Glass, Curved Heat Strengthened Silk Screen Glass

21.52mm Curved Tempered Laminated Glass Good Quality

Curved tempered laminated glass is composed of at least two panes of tempered glass by ionoplast interlayer film. It has a much higher thermal shock resistance than float laminated glass.

When the pane breaks, the small fragments with blunt edges generally remain stuck to the ionoplast interlayer film. It is difficult to pierce the film, which considerably reduces the risk of injury.

Curved tempered glass is glass that has been reheated and shaped, usually over a metal mold, to a desired bend or curvature, and left to cool in that position. Curved tempered glass can be found in vehicles (many windshields and some backlights are curved on the edges) as well as in architectural designs, from glass domes and handrails to revolving doors and display cases.

Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
Color: clear, blue, grey, light green, bronze, etc.

Tempered safety glass has a much higher thermal shock resistance than float glass. Tempered safety glass can resist a thermal shock of as much as 150K, whereas float glass can only withstand thermal shock of 40K.

Tempered safety glass is considered safety glass, however, primarily due to the way it breaks. Because it is in state of internal tension, when it breaks it shatters suddenly into small fragments with blunt edges, which considerably reduce the risk of severe injury.

Available Size

senhong china curved tempered glass max size 3300x13000

Packing & Loading of Curved Tempered Laminated Glass


1. Skylight, storefront, office indoor partition;
2. Shower door, sliding door, swinging door;
3. Pool fence, balustrade, balcony;
4. Dining table, glass furniture;
5. Window, curtain wall, stairs, glass wall, glass railing;
6. Splash back, shower screen, glass floor.

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