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10+1.52+10 Tempered Laminated Silkscreen Glass Good Quality

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10+1.52+10 Tempered Laminated Silkscreen Glass Good Quality

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Tempered laminated silkscreen glass is composed of at least two panes of tempered silk screen glass by ionoplast interlayer film. It has a much higher thermal shock resistance than float laminated glass.

When the pane breaks, the small fragments with blunt edges generally remain stuck to the ionoplast interlayer film. It is difficult to pierce the film, which considerably reduce the risk of injury.

Silk screen glass is made by using ceramic frit to print graphics through a special screen onto float glass. Melt colorant into glass surface in tempering furnaces and subsequently a silkscreen glass product with qualities of non-fading and multi-pattern is manufactured.

Holes & Polished Edges of Silkscreen Glass

Packing & Loading


1. Skylight, storefront, office indoor partition;
2. Shower door, sliding door, swinging door;
3. Pool fence, balustrade, balcony;
4. Dining table, glass furniture;
5. Window, curtain wall, stairs, glass wall, glass railing;
6. Splash back, shower screen, glass floor.