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Senhong glass offers glass for shower doors & enclosures in Shandong, China.

Glass type: clear tempered glass, low iron tempered glass, acid etched tempered glass, frosted tempered glass, patterned tempered glass, sandblasting tempered glass

Thickness of glass: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

There are three main appearance styles for shower enclosure: arc, square and straight. The arc and square shower enclosures should be installed in a vertical corner when used, and the bathing area is divided into a corner of the bathroom. The straight shower enclosure is composed of a glass door and a glass screen connected by metal hinges in a straight line. The two ends are respectively fixed on two opposite walls to separate one end of the bathroom and divide it into a shower area.

Types of shower enclosure: Sliding & Hinged

Early shower enclosures were of sliding type, and slide rails were installed on the base and top of the shower enclosure, and the door was embedded in the slide rail to slide back and forth to open and close. Because it is easy to accumulate dirt on the slide rail or fall into the hard object, which is difficult to clean, it will cause damage during sliding. In addition, the slide rail itself has the shortcomings of short service life and high noise during sliding. Therefore, the higher-grade shower enclosures have been generally upgraded to the hinge type. The shower enclosure with hinged door generally adopts a frameless design with a simple and smooth appearance, which is generally welcomed by consumers.

 The weight of the glass door in the shower enclosure with hinged door is completely carried by the hinge. Because the glass door is very heavy, it require high quality of the hinge, such as corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and strong bearing capacity. There are two different materials of hinges: copper hinges and stainless steel hinges. Stainless steel hinges are slightly higher in terms of appearance, strength, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, more well-known brands often choose stainless steel. The hinges ensure the safe use of the shower enclosure and extend the service life.
Hardware is very important to the life of the shower enclosure, so it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of cleaning the hardware frequently, but be careful not to contact with strong acid and strong alkaline substances to avoid corrosion and affect the life of the shower room. For a sliding rail shower room, it is necessary to clean the sliding rail frequently to remove foreign objects to prevent the sliding rail from being damaged due to improper sliding.

If the glass is not cleaned in time after long-term use in the shower enclosure, water and alkali may hang on the glass, which will affect the appearance. If you feel that cleaning the glass often takes a lot of trouble, it is better to buy a shower enclosure made of tempered glass with easy clean coating.

Shower doors & enclosures

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