Silk Screen Printing Glass

What is silk screen printing glass? What is the process?

Silk screen printing glass is a type of processed glass that uses a screen printing plate and glass enamel to create decorative prints on glass panels. Glass enamel, also known as glass ink or glass printing ink, is a paste-like printing material made by mixing coloring agents and binding agents. The coloring agents consist of inorganic pigments and low-melting-point fluxes (lead glass powder), while the binding agents are commonly known as scraper oils in the glass screen printing industry.

After printing, the glass product is fired in a furnace at a temperature of 520-600°C to allow the enamel on the glass surface to solidify and form vibrant decorative patterns.

Based on the principle of screen printing technology, ink is printed onto the surface of flat glass and then cured to make the pattern durable and long-lasting.

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