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Single Silver Low-E, Double Silver Low-E, Triple Silver Low-E

What is single silver Low E glass?

Ordinary offline Low-E only contains a single layer of silver film, generally it is composed of more than 5 layers of film, the main functional layer is pure silver film.

What is double silver Low-E glass?

Double silver Low-E glass is theoretically composed of more than 9 layers of film layers , the main functional layer is two layers of pure silver film, and the two layers of pure silver layer are separated by multi-layer metal film and dielectric film.

What is triple silver Low-E glass?

Triple silver Low-E glass theoretically consists of more than 13 layers of film layers, which contain Three layers of pure silver film, each silver film is separated by a multi-layer metal film and a dielectric film.

In fact, the double-silver and triple-silver Low-E products commercially produced have more film layers than the above theoretical film layers. The increased film layers are mainly to improve the indoor and outdoor reflection color of the product and the color of the transparent glass, and reduce the Indoor reflectivity.

What are the advantages of double silver Low-E glass and triple silver Low-E glass?

Any coated glass limits visible light while limiting solar thermal radiation. On the premise of the same light transmittance, double-silver Low-E and triple-silver Low-E can block more solar thermal radiation from passing through. In other words, under the same light transmittance, the double-silver Low-E and triple-silver Low-E have a lower shading coefficient Sc, which can filter sunlight into a cold light source to the greatest extent.
In addition, the emissivity of double silver Low-E and triple silver Low-E is also lower, so the heat transfer coefficient K value is also lower, and the thermal insulation performance in winter is better.