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Water Meter Glass Covers, Glass Sight, Small Tempered Glass / Borosilicate Glass For Water Meters

Supplier of tempered glass and borosilicate glass for flow meters with high quality from China

Tempered glass lens / sight glass / glass window for water meters

A glass sight is a transparent window or lens that is used in water meters to allow the visual inspection of water flow. Water meters are typically installed in locations that are not easily accessible, such as in a pit or underground. The glass sight allows the meter reader or technician to observe the flow of water through the meter without the need to remove the meter from its location.

The glass sight is typically located on the front of the meter and is made from a sturdy, transparent material, such as tempered glass. The glass is designed to be shatter-resistant and able to withstand the pressures of the water flowing through the meter.

Water meters with glass sights are commonly used in residential and commercial applications, as well as in industrial settings where accurate measurement of water flow is critical. They are particularly useful in situations where the water meter is not easily accessible or where the meter needs to be visually inspected regularly.

It is important to note that while the glass sight provides a visual indication of water flow, it is not a substitute for accurate measurement of water usage. The meter itself is responsible for accurately measuring the amount of water that flows through the system, and the glass sight is simply a means of visually inspecting the flow.