What is coated glass?

There are two types of coated glass, solar control coated glass and low-E coated glass.

Sunlight control coated glass is also called heat reflective coated glass. Its film layer is composed of stainless steel, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals and their oxides or nitrides. A certain shading effect, but the visible light transmittance is very low. Due to the rich and colorful appearance of solar control film-coated glass, it is currently mostly used for exterior decoration of buildings and has been basically replaced by Low-E glass in the field of energy-saving door, window and curtain wall glass.

Low-E coated glass (Low-E glass) uses gold or silver, metal material with low-radiation properties. Considering the manufacturing cost, Low-E glass is basically made of silver coating and is currently the mainstream product of energy-saving glass.