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Windows & Doors

Senhong glass offers glass for windows and doors in Shandong, China.

Windows and doors are an indispensable part of the building, which have the function of ventilation, lighting and shelter from the wind and rain.

How many types of windows are there?

1. Fixed windows
2. Sliding windows
3. Lifting windows
4. Casement windows
5. Top-hung casement windows
6. Horizontally pivot hung casement windows
7. Vertical pivoted casement window
8. Skylight
9. Shutter

How many types of windows are there?

Hinged single door
French doors
Bi-fold doors
Pivot doors
Sliding doors

Which types of glass are used for windows and doors?

Insulated Glass

To improve heat insulation of the windows of buildings, insulated glass is now used almost exclusively. The linear lamination of two or more sheets of glass along the edge is called insulating glass. Dehumidified air or insert gas is hermetically sealed in the air space between the pane.

Low E Insulating Glass is a product that uses one or two pieces of Low E glass. It can reduce heat transfer and increase the energy-saving effect.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Safety Glass (LSG) is composed of at least two panes held together by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film.
Such glass is often used in architecture , for overhead glass or other glass that prevents people from falling, and in the automotive industry. One essential reason for its use in such applications is that LSG holds splinters together. When the pane breaks, the splinters of glass generally remain stuck to the transparent PVB film. It is difficult to pierce the film, which considerably reduces the risk of injury.

Temepered Glass

Tempered glass is also called tempered safety glass. It is tempered glass that has been heated to approx 600℃ under controlled conditions in a tempering furnace and then cooled very quickly. The state of tension in the glass that this process produces can be “frozen”, which considerably increases the bending strength of the material.

Frosted Glass

Acid etching glass and sandblasting glass are both frosted glass. Frosted glass is a popular design element in architecture, and not without reason. Frosting ensures that the play of light will be interesting, and it heightens the materiality of the glass.

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